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Gold Arabesque

Gold Arabesque, 24 K alcohol free sparkling wine

Domaines Pierre Chavin, one of the world leaders for alcohol free wines world leaders wished to develop a luxury sparkling and made a true precision work to create Gold Arabesque.

Gold Arabesque, ultra-premium sparkling wine is the crazy touch which make a simple night full of unique moments.

100% halal with 0% alcohol, Gold Arabesque is a bright sparkling wine made from Chardonnay. In the cup, we can see 24K golden flakes twirling with bubbles for a real symphony of the senses.

This « oriental chic » nectar with fine and délicate foam, reveals a very aromatic and persistent palate which reveals a pleasant bitterness reminds the champagne.Fruity and floral aromas reveals subtle vanilla and hazelnut notes make this sparkling wine, an invitation to the Arabian Nights country.

Gold Arabesque is definitly a chic and elegant sparkling wine dressed in a luxury way which calls senses, available to everyone, thanks to a unique dealcoholisation method guaranteeing a pure alcohol free wine.

Gold Arabesque, glamorous exclusivity from Domaines Pierre Chavin offers a unique expérience between luxe and party.

Innovation SIAL
Gold Arabesque, sparkling halal wine
Discover the first alcohol free wine with gold flakes
Gold arabesque for an alcohol-free wine
Gold Arabesque Gold Arabesque

The profile of our alcohol free wine

Gold Arabesque, alcohol free sparkling wine

Technical sheet

Grape varieties

100% Chardonnay


0% vol.

Serving temperature

8 to 10°C

Storage temperatyre

Constant, between 10 to 12°C


3 ans



Blended wine from France


Great diversity. Soils mainly with clay and limestone


Continental and Mediterranean

The Sommelier's word

Tasting notes

Bright yellow color. Persisting and delicate foam. Full flavor, nice fruits and floral notes. Well balanced non alcoholic sparkling wine.

Winemaking & ageing

Grapes are harvested at night to take advantage of the lower temperatures, when sugar levels are most stable. Traditional winemaking and production methods are then performed before the alcohol is gently removed, maintaining the wonderful body and freshness of a premium French wine. The effervescent is then produced and the wine is bottled in a unique package that reflects the finesse of its bubbles. Pure 24 carats gold flakes added by hand at the end of the winemaking.